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Gale 20Jun08 08:55 UTC: These pages still have non-historical references to the Debug wx284 target:

As this isn't in the VC8 dropdown menu, what's the position e.g. if a developer wanted to play with the wxWidgets plug-ins by enabling them in Experimental.h?

James 04:04, 20 June 2008 (PDT): People building off CVS head are already getting the script plug in. All the windows projects build modular now. You should see an annoying script-pipe dialog (a module being loaded) every time you start Audacity. I've removed the reference to wx284 debug from the wiki, and updated some other text at the same time.

Gale 21Jun08, 07:47 UTC: Thanks for tidying the pages concerned. But I've not seen the mod-script-pipe dialog since the two configs. we had prior to getting the current four going, and this includes doing a complete check-out from scratch a couple of days ago and building as Release. I did check the box not to have mod-script appear again, but isn't that only a cfg setting?

James 03:50, 21 June 2008 (PDT): I'm building Debug-Unicode and do get it.

  • Gale 22Jun08, 08:04 UTC: No, no joy with Unicode Debug, so are you sure I don't need to modify Experimental.h from default?
    • James Look in "C:\[wherever]\audacity\win\unicode debug\modules" and confirm that it has been compiled. If not, that's the problem.
    • Gale 27Jun08, 07:55 UTC: Modules folder was created but I was not running Audacity from that folder, hence no dialogue. Dialogue appears fine in Unicode Debug and Release Build (ANSI) if the created modules folder is present.