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Condensation of previous discussions

For "other sites" we primarily link to pages that have an index/listing of articles, and only link directly to examples of particularly good articles from that index page. So, linking to Wiki categories here is probably OK, but recommending some good articles from those categories is probably good too. Some Wiki category pages to consider:

James: This is a page for people who are looking to find out more generally, and perhaps don't know exactly what they want to know more about. I think this format (links with information about the links) works well for this page.

Gale: I think the dilemma we face with our own pages is whether we link to information on this Wiki (where we have it), or to the Manual. This is a fundamental problem with having "official" (Manual) documentation and "unofficial" (main Wiki) documentation which de facto is "near-official" because only we edit it. As a good example, Transferring tapes and records to computer or CD.

James: If we have a manual page it will generally be better (?). One possibility is to link to the manual page, if it exists too. We can lift diagrams and outstanding prose from the wiki page at the time we do this. Possibly a template to add to the 'deprecated page' saying something like 'The official version of this Audacity page is at XXX;'? If we only have content on this wiki, then we link to it there. Does that 'solve' it, or have I not understood the issue?

  • Gale: I think my suggestion in the above example where the content is essentially identical is to synchronise them at Manual proof-reading time, then try and keep them matched by copy editing any Wiki edits, then copying across changes to the Manual. If Manual editing becomes completely open, then possibly link to a sole copy on the Manuali. Ditto if we make a Your First Recording tutorial for the Manual, copy it back here with the same control over changes made to the Wiki copy.

    Play it by ear otherwise? e.g. MP3 may probably end up better than (or worth listing alongside) a link to the Wikipedia article. Maybe our WAV article is currently less worth linking to than to Wikipedia, but just glancing at it now, it does have some Audacity-specific info.

  • James: 'Play it by ear' is fine with me. If both wikis had the same edit rights then linking to just one copy is the way to go.

James (later): I like the changes you've made here. You mentioned on another talk page also making the pages here more prominent by giving Category:Digital_Audio_Technology a bullet point. Could be helpful, but could you show me how you would word it if you still think it a good idea?

  • Gale: Please take a look at what I tried to do and see what you think.
  • James: Looks fine. Having the Wikipedia image is also an improvement.