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Hi Gale,

I've added the broadcast limiters at the end of the effect section, so you hopefully won't get confused with your work. As you know I'm no native english speaker, so if you find something sound odd or annoying, don't ask, just edit.

Thanks - edgar

Hi Edgar

I agree a little more more sub-categorisation would be helpful as the page is still going to be long. That can be done at the end when we know exactly what we have. It would be great if you can add English versions of some of the more useful plug-ins from the German Forum, and now this page is on Wiki, anyone including yourself can update it when necessary. Also you mentioned once a few of your own plug-ins such as the Broadcast Limiter  and the version with exciter. Your "vocoder" is in source code so it will be mentioned as "available in Audacity/downloadable from us" or similar.



> on January 29, 2008 edgar-rft wrote:

Hi Gale,

At least you can say that it's now the same kind of state like the 'official' plug-in page (probably even better) and I can direct users from the forums to this page instead to the mess on the homepage.

Because the 'effect' section still is quite messy I would like to introduce subsections like 'delay effects', 'panorama effects' and so on (but not necessarily today and only if the navigation menu at the top of the page doesn't become too long by this). I think the synchronisation with David's page ist the more important issue so please take this only as a suggestion, I will wait until you're finished anyway.

I have notified Steven Jones about what you (we) are doing and also have some plug-ins from the german forum I would like to add, but first need to write english documentation.

If there's anything other I can help please tell me.

- edgar

How to add plug-in to this page

Q: From what I can tell, this is the main repository for Nyquist plug-ins. Since I have written a plug-in, how do I go about adding it to this page? Is there a verification/testing process? I have already shared the plug-in on a forum. Thanks, Lex

Gale 16 June 09: Hi Lex, this is theoretically the main page where there are links to download Nyquist plug-ins, but the page has not been finished due to lack of resources, and lacks a number of recent plug-ins that we know about. Users cannot add plug-ins to this page because they are hosted on If you e-mail me a zip containing the .ny file, plus the .txt documentation file and/or a link to the Forum post, I'll see if I can add it to this page. The address is: GALE_at_AUDACITYTEAM_dot_ORG

Stevethefiddle 20 Aug 10: Perhaps it should be mentioned that the "Broadcast Limiter" effects are "soft clipping" effects rather than "limiters" in the conventional sense?

  • Gale: Go ahead on the article page if you think Edgar does not mind. Strangely until zoomed in, the Broadcast Limiter looks (in terms of the resultant peaks) more like a hard limiter than the included Hard Limiter. You can see the smoothing though in Broadcast Limiter when looking at sample level.

About the discussion above (16 June 09) we can now upload .ny plug-ins to the Wiki so it's probably time to mention that on the article page. Do you see any reason not to allow people to include external links to their plug-ins e.g. "dondiego929" on the Forum usually links to his own site.

Stevethefiddle 16:16, 18 December 2010 (UTC) Allowing users to link to their own site could be useful if they have additional information there. For example they may have a more in-depth description of the code or tutorial examples that could be too detailed to be appropriate for the Audacity wiki. The obvious caution is that it provides another opportunity for spam.

Re. the "Broadcast Limiter" effects. I have updated the description. Feel free to make any changes that you think are appropriate.

Splitting this page

Stevethefiddle The Download Nyquist Plug-ins page is getting very long. Could we split it into several pages? For example:

Introduction (page)

  • About Nyquist Plug-ins
  • Plug-Ins Showcase
    • Nyquist Plug-ins included in Audacity
    • Featured Plug-ins
    • Most popular plug-ins

Audio Generators (page)

  • Instrument
  • Oscillator
  • Sound Effect
  • Sequencer
  • Other

Effect plug-ins (page)

  • Delay
  • Modulator
  • Filter
  • Distortion
  • Dynamics
  • Other

Analysis plug-ins (page)

  • Labels
  • Audio Analysis
  • Other

Utilities (page)

  • Audio Tools
  • Programming
  • Other

Each of the Plug-in type pages could have a table of contents, making it easier for users to find the plug-ins they're looking for. I'm not sure how the wiki page formatting does this, but it would be useful if each plug-in had its own [edit] tag rather than needing to edit a huge section. - Steve

  • Peter 23Feb11: +1 for this suggestion Steve. I did this for the tutorial on "Recording Tapes LPs etc." in the Manual, where I think it reads better being broken into smaller digestable sections easily referenced by links - compared with the long unified tutorial on the same subject in the Wiki.
  • Gale 24Feb11: Yes I'm OK with splitting for practicality, except will there ever be enough plug-ins to justify separate pages for "Analysis Plug-ins" and "Utilities"?

    I'm not sure about the "introduction" and "showcase" on a "download" page. The introduction should I think be standard introrel template with links to "related pages". Although Vaughan seems OK now with a link to the bundled plug-ins here, I wonder if showcase isn't better on the main site? Featured? Most Popular? Who knows - are you going to have a poll to find out? Are you going to offer downloads of the bundled plug-ins here e.g. as replacements if someone deletes one by accident or just wants to view it? I think that's OK.

    I think before we can answer these questions we need to decide the future of Is that better as a showcase page? Or should that remain as an introduction for programmers (can you say anything there that doesn't or won't eventually duplicate the Wiki)?

    Re: TOC and editing each plug-in it its own section, you can edit each section and include it in the TOC if its a header (<h> or wiki header syntax). I think it might look a bit ugly to have edit links for each plug-in, but still. Note that if you want smaller h3 headers for the plug-ins there must be an h2 section on the page e.g.

  ==List of effects plug-ins==

  ===Super fader===

  ===Tone control===
    Do you want that orange colour for the header or some other colour? If so it may be better to create a special <h> class in CSS just for these pages. Then you can have them h3 size, non-underlined even if they are really h2.

A possible way to keep download list on one page

Gale 17May11: It's extra work and maintenance, so I only hesitatingly suggest it, but another idea for what remains on this page may be to retain download links on this page, rather like Then you can actually still download plug-ins from this page.


Variable Duration Silence Generator (varsilence.ny) Details | View | Download

The split pages that have the "Details" would still of course have "View" and "Download" links. If not, then if this page is to replace which I think is the ultimate intention, we should at least give some indication here of the quantity of plug-ins available on the split pages.

The motivation for this idea is looking at Nyquist Effect Plug-ins and getting lost in the details and the length and having to flit back to the TOC to re-orientate.