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Mentor Feedback from GSoC 2008 applications

Gale 23Apr08,07:45 UTC: Mentor feedback on how some student applications could have been improved seems to have identified some issues as below. Maybe they can be used in whole or part when this page is fleshed out:

  • Need a grasp of "the big picture" of how Audacity (or any software program) is put together, and of its background (such as its user base).
  • Appreciation needed of keeping interface interactions simple for the sake of non-technical users
  • Audacity is a collaborative project. Evidence of practical experience working with others outside the classroom environment, especially on other projects, will be valued.
  • Awareness of legal issues surrounding Audacity's GPL licence - means that consideration must be given to questions of dynamic or static linking and optional or required components.
  • Sense of fun / enthusiasm.
  • While not essential, past experience as an Audacity user may be an advantage. Demonstrating an awareness of the Audacity CVS codebase in your application definitely will be.

Other Wikis with "required skills" pages

  • James (pre 2008 acceptance): Eclipse wiki has some good information on mentor organisation expectations of students - e.g. that we know how much time they can/will-be devoting to GSoC.