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  • Peter +1
  • Gale +1 to adopt these guidelines with the exception that "Web and Web-like page titles" and "Tooltips" (we don't distinguish these from Infotips) should use sentence capitalization. Using sentence caps for tooltips makes it easier for Status Bar text (which MS suggests should use sentence caps) to be identical with tooltip text. However many tooltips will automatically have the same title caps as the menu item they refer to, and that should be one of our rules.
    • Peter: OK, I moved "Web and Web-like page titles" and "Tooltips" to Sentecnce Capitalization
  • Gale +1 for where we use title caps, always capitalize the first and last word. Apple does this too so we would be out of step if we did not.
    • Peter: OK, I struck-out my objection
  • Peter: @Gale - what do you think about removing "File names" from these guidelines as we are wildly inconsistent - and I don't see us fixing such inconsistencies either in the app or its distribution packages ;-)


Gale 11Jun16: Should infotips that are a sentence end with a period? The Selection Toolbar tooltips are inconsistent about this. Hover title text in the Manual is not closed with a period unless there are two sentences, because there is a (weak) consensus this looks better.
  • Peter 12Jun16: Actually we are not very consistent about this - just look at the front page for starters. Personally I would always prefer any full sentence in use cases for sentence caps to be terminated with a period. But then maybe this should be the case for Info Tips (which may have multiple sentences) but not for Tool Tips, which are short and terse - I would vote for this approach.