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Stale ednote

Peter 28Mar13: Gale proposed the following sub-plan for this page as part of the redevelopment of the Manual page: Burning music files to a CD
  1. On this page, remove the detailed steps Audio CDs 1 - 4.
  2. Also on this page point legacy users to (tweaked to give the Audacity version variations).
  3. Remove the legacy status from this page
  4. Also on that SF page point current users here for steps.
  • Peter UPDATE 1Apr13: I mostly agree with this part of the plan but with some slight changes. Note that now, all the relevant 2.0.4+ information now resides on the Manual page Burning music files to a CD with much material having been copied from here.
    1. The steps 1-4 (possibly modified ) to be removed from here - but placed on as legacy information for 1.2.x and 1.3.2 and earlier users. This requires action from Gale or someone else with SF editing privileges.
    2. Agreed
    3. Agreed - but only once the above two steps have been completed - then we can make this change.
    4. No - as Step #1 above removes the steps from here and places them on the SF page. Rather on the SF page point users to the Manual for the current modus operandi. This requires action from Gale or someone else with SF editing privileges.
    5. After 2.0.4 is released we can then trim the content of this page so that becomes a landing page, pointing 1.2& 1.3.2- legacy users to the SF page and pointing 1.3.3+ and 2.x users to the Manual page.
  • Note that his revised plan concurs with the plan that we set last year on the Talk page for post 2.0.1, but did not implement at that time.
"This has the benefit of removing the duplication and retains the raison d'être for the Wiki page (which could later be expanded as Gale suggests). Doing this has enabled me to modify the formatting by encasing the material on "cue sheets" in an ednote to separate it out as an "advanced" technique (which it is imo).

And you know what - I think I actually prefer this version: a) it's shorter b) I like not over-promoting "overburning" and the use of "data discs" c) I reall like the "advanced"cue-sheets separated off in the note div d) we don't need to send 1.3.x users to the 2.0.x manual."

  • Gale 21Jul13: Done, and made the changes. However I cannot help feeling that we want something more like the below (short) Gapless burning of continuous material section in the Manual, and the corresponding more detailed section from the Manual here.

Update Plan - Peter 4Apr12

  1. As of 4Apr12 we have restored the content to the Talk page to faciitate links in the frozen online 2.0.0 manual and installed 2.0.0 manuals (as content from this page was migrated to the 2.0.1 Alpha manual).
  2. Post 2.0.1 release we will:
    1. trim back the page leaving only the first intro note,
    2. add a link to the SF legacy FAQ.

13 March 2007: The advice appears a bit restricted, as it mentions WAV/AIFF and 44100 Hz sampling frequency only. This may apply to some programs, but certainly not to all. The CD burning program I'm currently using (OEM installed Sonic DigitalMedia LE - not otherwise recommended...) happily lets me drag-and-drop(!) mp3-files(!) to its track list window. These are subsequently burned as a standard audio CD. I seem to remember that on my previous computer its version of Nero (must have been from 2001 approx) let me do something similar.

I have recently recorded several old LPs, cleaned them in Audacity, saved them as mp3s (128 kbit/s) and then burned them as audio CDs with Sonic. While not theoretically optimum quality wise, I judge these choices suitable for me, considering LP quality, file sizes and my old, fading ears ;-)