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This page is only for discussing how the Known Issues page could be improved, or to suggest an additional workaround to a currently noted issue.
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  • "Issues outside Audacity" section:
    • Gale 21Jan10: I'm not convinced we need this if the issue propagates to the Release Notes, as it has with the below issue. Either way, it is potentially misleading/confusing to suggest at the top that these issues were discovered after release of the noted version, then suggest otherwise in the section.
  • (Linux) Audacity CPU consumption rises steadily when it is not being used. "This is a bug in wxGTK 2.8.10 (not previous versions) which will be fixed in wxGTK 2.8.11 (not yet released). There is thus nothing that Audacity can do about the problem. "
    • Use a previous version.--Rafaelinux 16:44, 20 January 2010 (CST)rafaelinux
    • Gale 21Jan10: That's if user is competent enough to build against an earlier version of wxGTK and work round any problems arising.
    • Perhaps he means use an earlier version of Audacity?