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Q: User:Amplated Halakhic 21 Jan 11: Re:Using the Control Panel Can't get it to work. The "Set Default Device" on my recording device is grayed out, and I can't find my recording device in the Audio I/O tab in Edit>Preferences.

  • A: Gale 26 Jan 11: You will be better to use Audacity Beta if you are not already doing so.

    If "Set as Default Device" is greyed out, then click "Enable" in that menu. If you don't enable the device, Audacity won't be able to see it in its Preferences (in 1.3.12 the recording device is in the "Devices" Preferences).

    If you don't see "Default Device" to right of the icon after enabling the device, right-click again and click "Set as Default Device". If you see "Not currently available" to right of the icon, connect the cable of the recording device tightly to the port. Restart Audacity after making changes in Windows. Please ask on the Forum if you need more help.