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Q:Lsloan: It seems like it would be a good idea to include some images when referring to the user interface. For example, in this tutorial, it could include images of the track panel, showing the pan slider, etc. Since I am a new Audacity user, I think the link to the track popdown menu in the documentation was useful, just to clear up the terminology. I think the manual should be added to the wiki, if it hasn't been already.

A: Thanks for the input. I'll fix this page so it loads the image from the Wiki directly. It is possible to link to images outside this Wiki, such as on the Manual Wiki, or to images on other external sites), using the correct syntax. It is not currently possible to resize them. Currently we are writing the Manual for the upcoming new Stable 2.0 Audacity. We considered a copy of the Manual on this Wiki site or elsewhere for user input, but the consensus was the benefit was not worth the duplicated resources. We should however indicate on the Manual how to give us feedback about its content.


Description doesn't match actual tab...

Q: "In 1.3.2 or later you can instead go to the Import / Export tab of Preferences and enable "use Advanced Mixing Options" in the "When exporting tracks" panel." I have 1.3.7 - and the three options under this tab are "Always mix all tracks down to Stereo or Mono channel(s)"; "Use custom mix (for example to export a 5.1 multichannel file)"; and "Show Metadata Editor prior to export step." So how does one access "advanced mixing options" in 1.3.7?

A: Fixed - Gale 16 Jul 09. Thanks!