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Gale: How about putting the control lines of a simple Nyquist plug-in in this page and showing how to change the default value and the upper/lower limits. Maybe how to move or change the control type. Then link to "some other page" in the Nyquist category for explanations of how the code below the controls works?

Gale: Another idea might be a "Nyquist Plug-ins FAQ" culled from what's asked on the mailing list, which Edgar might best judge. For example, the question asked/answered there today about adding a LISP function missing from Audacity-Nyquist to init.lsp or to a specific plug-in's code might be a candidate. Or maybe this should be a wider "Nyquist FAQ" on Nyquist Audio Programming, keeping Nyquist Plug-ins at a very basic level for those who just want to add some new plug-ins or alter a default control value. This is another reason I preferred to keep Nyquist Plug-ins, and as a relatively simple page. I note there is an official Nyquist FAQ  but it looks a bit thin/out-of-date? Does Edgar already have something better?