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Peter 16Dec16: This page has many out-dated, untended, projects/projects that we should consider removing from this page.
  • Gale 16Dec16: The open source MP3 decoding library we use (libmad) has been unmaintained for 12 years. Does that mean we should stop using it? I think it needs a case by case approach. Psycleis an example that should be retained I would think. But of course it depends if in practice it works on modern OS'es. Many apps notionally not developed since Windows XP days still work on Win 10.
    • Peter 16Dec16: ah and that's why I didn't just blunder in an straightaway delete stuff. Maybe you could take and express a view on each individual one in their ednotes. I feel that it would not be unfair to add to each one a little note or some additional test advising the user that the project/product may be no longer tended or supported.
    • Gale 18Dec16: It is a shame about CDex because it has a good feature to rip any part of the CD to one file, which is useful e.g. for live or continuous CD's. The old versions here are safe and once installed give you no way to update to the crapware versions. I think those old versions of CDex could have a cautious listing here (and in the Manual).