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James 06Feb10: No urgency on this, but I am thinking that in the future we might change over to having most recent patches at the top on this page (i.e. reverse of the patches page). Am also thinking that template based formatting on this and the patches page would more easily allow us longer comments...

  • Gale 06Feb10: I think I'd get confused by having reverse order on this page and normal order on Patches - how about sort of No., Name and Bugzilla number as now tried on Patches Decided? Sort of dates however doesn't seem to work despite what MediaWiki says.

    As for "template based formatting", you mean that each patch would have a couple of rows, with comments taking up most of one row? Well, maybe - but it seems a bit odd to go to a database for bugs and away from it for patches. I think the decision not to use Bugzilla is correct, but we should be sure we don't want to use the SF patch tracker or Google Code as just a Patch Tracker before investing a lot more time on these patch pages.