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  • James I'm in favour of almost any improvement to Audacity, and this would be an improvement. However, I am not adding my name to the developer-backing section, at least not yet, because this would at the moment be far down my list of priorities. If we were doing GSoC this year I would back mentoring a student to do this as it is self contained and low risk of destabilising Audacity. I would look for a third axis on the graph for time, and an option to colour the graph with the same scheme used for spectrograms. The spectrograph would be shown on the same plot too. That might seem like a gimmick, but I see it as a way to educate users to the relationship between the spectrograph and the spectrum. I'd also have the option of showing the spectrum as audio plays.
  • Martyn I'd love to have a go at this, but we are in 'feature freeze' 'bug fix' mode, have been for some time now, and don't look like coming out of it any time soon. It is hampering the exciting stuff like this.
  • James Which is why I started an initiative to get a real plug-in API. Spectrograms can be a plug-in. We are not in feature freeze for plug-ins, since we can always safely release plug-ins as beta. I think code reviews (to progress the hard bugs) and plug-ins (to allow new features safely whilst we're doing it) are the only legitimate way we have to get out of being frozen in the pleioscene.