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  • James I'm planning to make a link to this page from the developer-documentation section of the front page. Possibly call the link Quality or QA.
  • Gale: Hmm. "QA" to me is a function right in-between developers and users. As the page stands it's only partly "documentation" even now. If your link is called "QA", then I think the Quality page will have to be essentially an overview (not specifically about docs) and include more about the non-developer input into QA.

    So unless you want to create a page purely about the contribution of developer documentation to ensuring quality, maybe "Quality" on the front page should be either a third section on its own, or a subset of "Developer Activity" (in either case, Release Notes, Bug Lists and Patch Tracker go under that).

  • James: I think you're right, a third section with the three bullets you mention is the way to go. I want developers to find the quality page, but it doesn't have to be direct linked off the front page. It's basically so that new developers see that there are coding standards and the many strands there are to quality. Having a section 'Quality' in the 'For Developers' panel does give the message that we do care about it.