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Gale 17Jan10:

  • We sometimes go for Hint templates rather than Intro on -devel pages, as here. Is it a colour match thing? We ought to be consistent (all Intro, or all -devel pages are Hint for the description template).
    • James: I think I'll change it here to use intro, since it's the first box on the page (other than the header). On some other pages that use hint it's not the first text.
  • "...any code change to Audacity needs two people with CVS commit rights to agree to it." Probably needs to be clear this is regular code committers? I assume QA could legitimately lobby to get another -dev on board to make a twosome.
    • James: Yes. I'm taking QA to mean anyone in QA who has CVS write access. As well as lobbying you could back a dev's proposed change to make two. The only reason is to have two people taking responsibility and care over the change that close to a release date.
  • "We will only release 2.0 when it has no P2's for WinXP and 32-bit Linux." Which means no 2.0 for Win 7 is possible. If it happens I hope there'll be some means of keeping the pressure on to fix the Win 7 P2s. Also I'd still suggest the use of the "Beta" word on the critical main download page could partly undermine a recommendation to use it for a particular Windows OS.
    • James: It means that we need to make it clear that there is no stable designated build for Win7 yet, and that we're working on it. We'd still likely point people to 2.0 as the best build to use for most Win 7 users.
    • James: Pressure to fix Win7 is almost the wrong concept. What is needed is more developers using Win7. That is what will apply the pressure. This is happening slowly. Martyn is getting Win7 right now. Newer developers arriving are using Win7, which is good. More could be done to make this happen more quickly. E-mail me off list for details.