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Gale 21Jan10: I think one weakness of Release Checklist that formal trackers tend not to have is indeed easy tracking of bug history once a bug is removed. If we do have a homebrew tracker on the Wiki, this needs addressing I think, so it's easy to see a list of former bugs that were removed, ideally by rating. Other than that, not too convinced by this page at the moment (at least by the restriction to one bug per release). The page might end up not being maintained, as it appears it would be a manual decision to do so.

James 21Jan10: Choosing and adding one notable bug per release is something I could commit to doing. Sure, we could do with a list of all past bugs too. However my experience is that such a comprehensive list tends to be a black hole. No one looks at it to look at systematic problems. The key for me, on this experimental page, is to get good discussion points, the sense that we are making progress, the sense that we are identifying at least some underlying causes of bugs - such as accepting big new features without any review of the code, just because the developer 'is experienced'. That's why there is a discussion section. I want to see progress in the systematic causes of bugs, that even if only gradually developers are getting better at avoiding the causes of bugs.