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The UserWip Template puts a User "Work in Progress" sticker at the top of the page and adds it to the Category:User Work in Progress.


  • By putting up this tag you claim that you have a clear idea of something that takes a bit of time to finalise, and also that you really take responsibility for finalising it! (As a courtesy you might make a note on the corresponding Talk page to announce your intentions.)
  • Pages tagged as "UserWip" should be left alone for a period of two weeks after the claim. After that it is considered communal property and may be edited, incorporated or deleted as usual by anyone.
  • Expect that other users may make suggestions on the Talk page while you're working.
  • Subsequent "UserWip" claims of the same page need not be respected!

Usage of UserWip Template


It should be added as the very first line on the page in question.


Using the tag produces the following "sticker" at the top of the page:


This page is a User "Work in Progress"

Please let the claimant work with it at least two weeks after this sticker was put up (or until this sticker has been removed, if earlier).

Suggestions may be made to the claimant by clicking on the page's "discussion" tab.