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Gale 06May08, 18:34 UTC: The problem is you're the first person to use bullet points in the optional intro text after the pipe. Center-align then does not make sense, but if you look at say Lame Installation as an example, I'd say center-align looks much better than left-align. Either way, I think 80% width just increases the screen estate of the box a bit too much, especially for larger text size users, so I'm trying 90% at the moment. (I know you might argue in the Lame Installation case that the text after the pipe is too long, or should be in a "hint"). I think the better answer though is to make a separate "Introlist" template (or whatever called) that has left-align for the text after the pipe, and let the original template go back to center-align.

I do think however GSoC News and Tips looks better with the outer text back in the intro, don't you?

James 13:26, 6 May 2008 (PDT) I think left align (but indented and italic to set it off) is better generally than centred. This was also for Connected Open Source where the last short line of text in the extra text looks silly centred - in my view. Centred works fine for a single line of text, but not for multiple lines - in my view.

  • That you prefer the outer text inside makes it the right thing to do. I mildly prefer it outside, but I'm really not worried about mild preferences, it's the big ticket preferences, 'ugh that looks awful', 'oh my god that is way too long' and 'that's not concise that's plain cryptic' that matter to me.

Gale 07May08, 06:54 UTC: It's the text size that makes all the difference isn't it as to whether center-align might look silly. I tend to use IE medium size text as a "standard", and Connected Open Source centre-aligned has similar length lines at that size, but not at "smallest" size. At the other end of the scale even one single sentence can become two lines at large text size and leave the last word centre-aligned in the middle. So although personally I like it centre-aligned even with one word in the middle (!) it's not really the safe thing to do. Happy with the current idea indenting both margins?

James: Current version works for me. As well as text size, whether you open browser full-screen and whether you have history-sidebar present or absent makes a difference to panel width and hence text flow.