The wx3 Upgrade

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  • This page is to help us with the wx3 upgrade for 2.1.2.

Mac Nightly Compilation (Accessibility)

  • Nightly builds not currently built with accessibility, and accessibility is changing (reduced) dramatically anyway with wx3. See Bug 139.

Not Tracked in Bugzilla

  • These are wx3 bugs which we can note here and organise wiki-style. If they don't look like we can quickfix them, then they should become genuine Bugzilla bugs.
  • Why? It could save us some tracking overhead and help us more easily spot patterns to bugs. Also we can have summary info here, and talk about on the talk page.

wx3 DrawRectangle Bug (OSX)

Gotchas etc

  • Patches/altered core files.

In Bugzilla

Keywords don't work in our Bugzilla 4.4 reports even with this fix so see this link for the current situation:

IDPStatusSummary (9 tasks)
885P4CLOSEDLinux: WX3: Renaming track in Track dropdown menu operates Transport shortcuts
774P4CLOSEDWindows: WX3: Meters flash on and off when Meter Preferences are open.
904P4CLOSEDWX3: No splashscreen if using wx3
908P4NEWLinux: ASSERT playing audio after adding a label
907P4NEWLinux: WX3: Automatic Crash Recovery interface issues
910P4NEWLinux: WX3: Segfault manually locating FFmpeg
640P4RESOLVEDWX3: Label Tracks: Cannot UP/DOWN out of multiple label tracks. Cannot UP/DOWN out of single label track unless there is a closed label.
776P4RESOLVEDTrack Dropdown Menu does not open with SHIFT + M shortcut.
778P4RESOLVEDSummary: Windows: NVDA Accessibility Issues (in wx3)