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Automation Progress: Nyquist extensions to use scripting functions
Bulb icon The new Nyquist command to run a script command is (aud-do <command-string>)


  • Done.png Get Nyquist working with the Script functions.
  • Done.png Provide a-list formatting option on the getters.
  • Done.png Fix crash when invoking any effect, generator or analysis from within a Nyquist effect.
  • Done.png Fix crash invoking Nyquist from within Nyquist.
    • New behviour is to skip Nyquist run from within Nyquist.
  • Done.png Nyquist effect parameters to be visible to automation.


  • ToDo.png Better error reporting (to Nyquist) when something does not work
  • Get SWIG working with embedded Nyquist. Or maybe use intgen instead?
    • ToDo.png Make SWIG header files for the new commands.
    • ToDo.png Make string-extractor for getter commands, and feed into a lispifier.


  • ToDo.png Provide method for incremental results.
  • ToDo.png Refresh S after processing an effect.
    • Discussion with Steve. It's OK if aud-do can invoke effects OR the script process S, but not both together.


  • ToDo.png The "Allow Clipping" parameter in the "Amplify" command has no effect.
  • ToDo.png If an invalid value is given for a command argument, there is a message: <Command>: Could not load settings below. Default settings will be used. but it is not the "default" settings that are applied. The "last used" settings are applied.

Wish List

  • ToDo.png Ability to run Nyquist plug-ins from AUD-DO.
It is not currently possible to modify a project from Nyquist using macro commands AND Nyquist commands.
  • ToDo.png While Nyquist plug-ins cannot be used from AUD-DO, it would be useful to have some way to determine if a macro command is a Nyquist plug-in. An additional GetInfo item "Nyquist:bool" (true for Nyquist plug-ins) would be adequate.