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Automation Progress: Wikibot


  • Done.png Got feet wet with PyWikibot.
    • Use Python 3.6, as 2.7.x has unicode issues with some scripts. On wiki use special pages to set up a bot password. Authentication set up and working.
  • Done.png PyWikibot upload2:
    • Now can upload multiple image files 'whilst having a coffee'. Over 100 image files uploaded. No longer necessary to baby sit.
  • Done.png Pywikibot replace:. 'fixes' are their term for patterns used to make changes.
    • Done.png Custom fixes added for replacing spans and lists with our equivalent templates.
    • Done.png Custom fix done to introduce i18n template in place of the flags. Script ran through 1068 pages, once to replace and once to consolidate running for 8 hours in total.
    • Examples and comments in PyWikibot replace are in Hungarian.
    • Getting the fixes working right is mostly about correct escaping. You must use r strings, and it is vital to escape [ ] | ( ) characters.
    • For our use we typically need the (.*?) weak repetition in wildcards rather than strong.