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This page describes one notable bug that was removed in each release that it lists. The release notes give a more complete picture of the many changes. The page is for developers, and it reminds us of some of our history.

Some uses for this page:

  • The Release Checklist can be a little soul destroying as there are always more bugs to hunt down and remove. New problems are discovered and new technology arrives that breaks code which once worked. A list of bugs from the past which we have fixed helps to counteract the sinking feeling when looking at bugs remaining to fix.
  • Bugs that have reached a 'closed' status should not just be forgotten about. Understanding their causes helps us to test for, find and fix bugs which have similar causes.

Edit Hint: Some more text about each of these bugs would be very welcome.

Info Description of bug fixed
Fixed In : 1.3.11 Beta
Priority : BugP1.png
Date : 18-Jan-2010
Additional audio exported:
In the previous version if you made a number of labels each representing one track and exported multiple using those labels an exported track would include up to 5 seconds of the next track.


This bug in 1.3.10 was a regression on 1.3.9. We wanted to deprecate 1.3.10, but that would have meant a bigger step backwards, so we went for an accelerated release of 1.3.11.

Fixed In : 1.3.10 Beta
Priority : BugP1.png
Date : 01-Dec-2009
Crash or hang using equalization on longer tracks:


Long track bugs can be caused by using int in place of sampletype as a type. int only allows about 13 hours of audio. Audacity tends not to get tested with longer audio, for example in the past there was 'the four hour recording bug'. Both stricter enforcement of types through preventing type promotion from int, and test plans with longer scenarios would help.

Fixed In : 1.3.9 Beta
Priority : BugP1.png
Date : 01-Sep-2009
(Windows XP) Failure to launch on some machines
Failure was due to an "incorrect configuration" issue. edit hint: needs more info here.


Initial sanity testing tends to happen on developers machines, which often have set ups different from normal users. For example debug builds require debug dlls which are only usually found on developer machines. We also have problems with installer testing, since the installer gets less exposure during normal development. Issues can include installing over existing installations where updates to settings may not suit the new release.

Fixed In : 1.3.8 Beta
Priority : BugP1.png
Date : 17-Jul-2009
"Audio cache" preference caused crashes:
Data is now only cached in memory if available RAM is above a level defined in preferences


Memory limits are a problem for other apps too. For example early versions of GIMP (windows) would exit without warning on machines when memory ran low. We could improve this area by wrapping malloc and new and instrumenting the memory use. Each call should be modified to have an action for failure, which can by default be to veto the requested operation with a message to the user as to why.