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my name is emilyy. i am confusedd because i am nott quite sure how to use this thing. i was kind of hoping to just put a song on here, fade the ending a little bit.. but i am having problems. lmfao.

wanna help? send me a msgg on my facebooook; just click this --> [1]

Gale 17 Sep 10: To find out how to use Audacity, please read the Documentation. Ask on the Forum if you get stuck. A simple fade out is simple though. Click near the end and drag to the end, then Effect > Fade Out.

Unfortunately you can't store audio files on this Wiki at the moment. If you compose music using Audacity, or you record yourself singing a cover using it, then you could add a link to it here, as long as the song is free for anyone to listen to or download.