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Rookies Guide To Using AUDACITY

  • Recording
to record press the red record button and speak into the mike, when your done recording press the orange stop button. then high light the area you want normalize, go to the effects tab and press normalize step1

File:Audacity.jpg step 2File:Audacity step 2.jpg step three File:Audacity step 3.jpg step 4 File:Audacity step 4.jpg step 5 File:Audacity step 5.jpg

  • Mixing
you can mix your music in different ways by highlighting a section of what you have recorded and going to the effects tab and choosing what you would like to change.
  • Additional Features
You can also make your voice a higher or lower pitch and cut out spots of your recording and put it in different places. Also, you can make your voice echo and you can put multiple recordings together. For example, you can add a beat and background music to a rap or record yourself playing an instrument and add your own lyrics. and remember this can all be found in the edit sections