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Here's a mock up of the new menus for Proposal Menu Reorganisation

  • This is slightly ahead of what is in the proposal page. In particular I have got rid of Import and Export as words in the menus. You can now 'Add' Audio, Labels, MIDI or Raw Data to your existing project, or you can create a New project from them.
  • Export Multiple is now split as two items, Save Copy Of > Audio By Track... and Save Copy Of > Audio By Label.

Halfway House

What is shown here is a halfway house. It does help clarify that in the file menu we're creating problems for ourselves by not taking the word-like approach of being able to open a .txt document or a .doc document in the same way (read .wav and .aup for .txt and .doc).

  • There are four combinations - open aup project, open wav etc into new project (aka 'new project from...'), add aup into existing project (is this possible? perhaps we can make it possible), add wav etc into existing project.
    • In my opinion we can and should reduce this to two possibilities - open something, add something. But to do that goes a bit beyond a simple menu reorganization, and that's where most of our problems with the file menu come from.
  • Equally there are four combinations - save a copy as aup, save a copy as wav etc, save aup project, save as wav etc (not currently possible).
    • In my opinion we can and should reduce this to two possibilities - save a copy and continue working on current, save current and continue working on it. Again this is more than a simple menu reorganization.

The Mock up