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Bug Name : FFMPEG Dialog Size
Bug No : 123
OS : Ubuntu
Audacity Version : 1.3.10
Priority : BugP3.png

Trying out the info box on the right.

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QuarterMoonphase.pngMoonphase bug (difficult to repeat)FullMoonphase.png

Experiments with new editable way to do structure diagram.

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I'm looking at extensions to mediawiki that allow us to add graphics easily....

Syntax Special Features In-Browser editing Diagrams For Written in Open Source First public release Latest Stable version
WikiPathways XML  ??? yes
Biochemical Pathways PHP + Java Yes  ???  ???
OpenStreetMaps XML Slippy maps No Maps
(also star maps)
PHP Yes  ???  ???
AnyWikiDraw SVG, PNG, JPEG Also available in MoinMoin, PmWiki, TWiki, and Foswiki yes
General PHP + Java Yes  ???  ???
SVG-Edit SVG  ??? yes
General PHP + Javascript Yes  ???  ???
WikiTex Custom (Diverse)  ??? No Music, Graphs, Chem, Chess, Go, others... PHP
(+arbitrary plugin)
Yes  ???  ???
DPL Bundle Custom Data extraction from multiple pages No Charts PHP
(+arbitrary plugin)
mixed  ???  ???
Graph Plugin Custom  ??? No Flow charts  ??? Yes  ???  ???