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Audacity needs to be a project that is welcoming to new contributors. It should be easy to get started, easy to know how to contribute, easy to engage with design and test and translation. We also need to work well with 'upstream' and with bundlers. This is a kind of to-do list

Getting Started

  • Done.png A welcome and signposting page. Currently we have Developer_Guide
    • ToDo.png Improve it.

Instructions for Building Audacity

Building Instructions On Github

Intention is in Git to have three stripped-down documents on building:

These build.txt files refer to the wiki for variations/details. One reason for stripped-down build instructions is that we can and will refer to the detailed instructions in wiki, and keep those up to date more easily than we can the instructions in git (which risk being copied and not updated).

In Wiki

There are the three longer corresponding pages on wiki, and can be pages for options where the options wouldn't fit easily on the main page.

  • Optional pages could be:
    • Obtaining/Installing MSVC2013
    • Done.png Cygwin (unmaintained) we have Building On Cygwin
    • More Windows extras (MSVC property pages, 64 bit, OpenMP).

Each of the three main pages has the full text of the Git instructions. We use the <pre> tag to cut and paste the full text unmodified.

For Release

We also will use the optional section of the Building On pages for instructions for building for release. Plunder from:

Compilation Issues

Addressing these may simplify our instructions. Or we may need to add warnings about these as caveats.

Former release note below:

Warning icon When building Audacity from source, using system libraries (including system versions of portsmf, sbsms, libmad libvorbis and FFmpeg) may or may not work out depending on the exact versions. Similarly using Cygwin or MSVC 2010 will need extra work by you. To check the options and configurations we have successfully built with, visit this wiki page / join the developer list.
IDPStatusSummary (3 tasks) ID
1363?P4RESOLVEDEnh: Tatsuki Makino proposed configure and makefile patches for autoreconf, system library and header files issues.1363
1528P4RESOLVEDLinux: Mod-script-pipe can't be built in a separate build folder1528
1526P4RESOLVEDWindows: Mod-script-pipe in release configuration depends on debug wxwidgets DLL's and the script hangs even when such DLL's provided1526


  • Add a wiki summary page about how we use github. e.g.
    • Done.png Pull requests are best discussed on audacity-devel. At Using GitHub.


  • Done.png Install Q2A. And abandoned.
    • Invite people to contribute UI design topics, phrased as questions.
    • Invite people to contribute Graphic design ideas, as answers to questions such as 'What should our new Logo be?' Q2A allows voting on the logos.


  • Launch the alpha-test team initiative.


  • Produce tour guide as a pdf, and invite translation.

Rare platforms

  • Add wiki page to communicate clearly with people who offer new build options e.g.:
    • Raspberry Pi
    • Appveyor
    • Ubuntu Snaps
    • OpneMP
    • Cygwin
    • 64 Bit builds on Windows.
  • On that page, explain that
    • We don't have the resources to maintain new platforms beyond our standard Mac, Windows, Linux versions ourselves, at this stage.
    • We like relatively small changes to our code that widen the range of platforms.
    • We are not prepared to pull in new or rapidly changing libraries.


  • Communicate our patches to wxWidgets.


  • Refine the automake script, particularly with a view to helping Debian.