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My computer system (no. 1)

S1. Windows XP

S2. SP2(or3??), well updated

S3. XP are English

S4. non-Unicode programs options in Control Panel = English,

S5. otherwise possibly very Czech (regional settings=?, MSOffice=Czech,...)

S6. (Umax laptop, Pentium about 460Mhz, about 256MB RAM)

S8. an antivirus running

P1. Audio-to-buffer: ussually 100ms or 1000(!)ms. Lang=Cz or En.

My (not really my) computer system (no. 2)

S1. Windows Vista

S2. Occasionally updated

S3. lang=?

S6. brand new laptop, WiFi

S7. RealTek sound card

S8. Norton (or like) antivirus running

P1. Lang=Cz

This page Currently only contains Personal notes and Bookmarks.

Modest addenda (from qualified persons) welcome.

Note: There are no bugs reported here.

  I might insert here some past or future bug reports of mine.
  [However I have chosen a different way since frequent edits are annoying in Recent changes list]
  [For this reason I will leave the page unattended unless I decide to use it for representation - unlikely]
  If any, a developer could turn some of these into a bug report, 
  telling me he's taking care of it and whether he would like/not-like to have more details.

  If some problem is already known, anybody can tell me, please.

If you are bold, enjoy.

Would be nice to have a place where to put some mess easily. Is this allowed? (James yes) (Jan: but not frequently, I see) (James: but not in lots-of-little-saves-one-after-the-other; try the 'Show Preview' button perhaps? -- here in any a case is better than audacity-devel for non-P1 issues) (Jan: 'Preview only' is not a good idea with recent IE on an old laptop. I've already lost some work this way)

Search Top right corner. Excellent. Choose "this site" or "Wiki/Forum/Team site"

Audacity Wiki Home Page, center of left border, Top right corner

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Manual 1.3.x , on the left

Personal Bookmarks /BG

Windows Bugs

Release Checklist | Release checklist not aiming for 1.4

Known Issues

Developer News

Reporting Bugs "sending an email to our audacity-feedback mailing list" -- old one does not work, there is a new one. Autoresponse, not intended for discussion.

Personal Bookmarks /src+devel


Developer News

community CVS

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During GSoC: Latest (mostly) CVS ANSI , plus date info  ((roundabout 02:00 UTC), manual)

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How to use the Forum  

There is or will be some instructions already. (There was a discussion on Forum) (Obsolete: If you are coming with a problem / question, create a new topic. "First, I would not have posted at the bottom of somebody else's post. It greatly restricts the number of people that will see your question. I found you by accident." (koz))

This page Currently only contains Personal notes or Bookmarks.

ToDo: (Try and make a bug report like in Release Checklist: a one sentence headline...)


Due to every change appearing (and annoying) in Recent Changes list, due to IE limitations and other limitations, I can not use Wiki to report them. I've chosen another way, the best way I could find. It appears I already shared most I had, so ... (Perhaps to take vacation, and thereafter span several nights installing VC to ... to where actually?)

Bugs that were resolved already

(unattended!) (I do not mean that I would solve it myself.)

Audacity hides window after Nyquist script with error - fixed between 1.3.6 and 6a1 (How was it fixed???)

Spectrum log(f) - log should be tagged as not-to-be-translated - will fixed in CVS (-devel)

"open file dialog wider than screen" -- that was not my report (James: what was it? Jan: I have no idea, I do not remember anything related, nabble search "kolar wider" or "kolar screen" does not give anything useful. Should I research more? Perhaps ask directly Gale, he mentions this on my talk page.)

  • James OK. So Gale thinks you reported a with problem that Leland fixed, and you don't think you reported a width problem. I can live with that :-).

Czech arrows and other short-cuts (by Tosovsky, should be available on his web. However it takes a long time to get to CVS, be patient)

Reported bugs processed by developers


(I decided to go a different way.) There are more than 16, see nabble , mostly unconfirmed.

Minor interface bugs (Trim and Split New) (related manual correction - an email sent James: and acted on (Jan: Thank you, your update in the manual was immediate.))

Czech and other key shortcut issues


Czech ones: see (Bugs that were resolved already)

However, there is similar problem in French, somebody reported arrow in Portuguese -- I think there should be changed the input to translators, making clear what to translate and what not. Furthermore some checks that they did not change what they should not (in key shortcuts, I mean.) Furthermore, there are checks for shortcuts in Audacity Preferences dialogue, they should be applied during build as well (and there should be possible double use of some keys, I mean with functions where the doubling is default - like arrow functions)

Beta 1.3.5. installation issues


The long transcript removed. But there was something that happened later that I did not add to transcript (It was uneasy even without that!): If I remember well: After choosing French, key shortcuts were probably OK, but after pressing Default in Prefs/Key-shortcuts, the arrows and/or others became French.

Reported bugs -- for now without feedforward or confirmation


minor bug (cursor in labels)

Split (not only Split New) is broken. And I had a crash when experimenting. I think this should be P1. (And this is the only one of my reports that I consider P1, I never said anything else.) It was mostly discovered by Steve.

  • James A crash with split is a P1 bug - IF you/we can find a way to reproduce it. Which version of Audacity - was it Beta 1.3.5, and which of your machines was this on? What were you splitting, a mono or a stereo track? Anything that could have contributed to it? Were there clips, cut lines, use of do-undo? Can you make it happen again?
    • Jan James, I estimate I would need one whole night to crash Audacity this way and this is optimistic estimate. And, I would need automatic record of keyboard/mouse actions to have a transcript. Does that mean we do not have to care? NO! I shake if I would need say 'use Split' to anybody on the Forum.
      • James Then that makes it a 'watching brief' item rather than a P1. Not easy to reproduce, but if other people see it we want reports, and perhaps common aspects will emerge in time, and then we can start to home in on it. It's not worth your time to specifically try to trigger the bug again if it would take that long - and not be easily repeatable.
    • Jan This are my current feelings: Though split is buggy (sure !), it still can be 'robust' in the sense it does not cause direct crash. I also see that undo is shaky and therefore I have no chance to localize past crash between the two. However, after reviewing Spectrum issue a bit, I think that currently we should not hunt for a single crash avoidance, but the code should be reviewed. (What does the Spectrum and Split have in common? Yes, that's the right question !) Is that too much to do? And what about revising what has been done in order to introduce 1. clips instead of tracks 2. trackshift after recording.
      • James Code review would be a great idea. However, it needs someone sufficiently skilled to volunteer to put the time in. It comes back to the usual problem that we have a shortage of developers.
  • I see your 'IF' is still the main point. What if I prompt to allow 'only' orphans? If allowed, 'IF' remains, does not it?
    • James 10:52, 21 June 2008 (PDT) Until a problem is easily reproducible, there is little hope of us tracking it down. I don't understand what you're asking about orphans.

  • James, (how do you spell check?)
    • James Eye yews aye plug-inn four English spelling - sew eye can cheque it awl maw quickly. Underlines inn read. (Firefox, knot IE).
  • Thank you for corrections! Can not believe you bother to read some of that. I more or less can not (to read all that) in a reasonable amount of time. Sorry for annoying typos etc.
    • James Extremely hard/slow to get it right when English is not your native language. (I am currently trying to learn Hungarian, and making endless mistakes - and the spelling is a lot more logical than English spelling is).
  • BTW it is really not ready at all and I really want something like

This page is a User "Work in Progress"

Please let the claimant work with it at least two weeks after this sticker was put up (or until this sticker has been removed, if earlier).

Suggestions may be made to the claimant by clicking on the page's "discussion" tab.

on top of the page, or below system(s). We could promote Search section above IF it looks useful. src/dev/doc is far from complete. The original idea with reports quickly failed (-devel is the only one manageable way to me, sorry), so in this direction, there are only left-overs here.

future bug reports (to be sent somewhere sometimes)


When cursor not visible, hard to find it. Best way to find it that I know is to make it block selection by Shift-Right, zoom to selection, unzoom as needed, Left (to make it cursor), Right (to get it hopefully back), uff. (There was another way - how?). Suggestion: "Zoom to selection" could be active, and it could show the cursor in the middle of screen without changing zoom factor.

When mouse above buttons, tips are shown in the status bar, OK. When in menu, no tips are shown or "Disk space..." Menus.cpp:2670 toolbars/EditToolBar.cpp:139 msgid "Trim" msgstr "" Menus.cpp:2670 msgid "Trim file to selection" msgstr "".

BTW "Disk space.." is relevant to edits, too. Could it appear whenever the bar is empty?

Key shortcut categories should not be translated in audacity.cfg ? Key shortcut keys should not be translated? Why some (spacebar and some arrows) got translated - inconsistency by translators or in the source. How Ctrl+M could be translated to Ctrl+B? Not all key shortcut labels are translated in 1.3.6a1. (This overlaps with notes about Czech above.)