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I am currently a computer science graduate student at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, USA. I have been using Audacity since about 1 year and found it to be a very good digital audio interfacing software. Considering the fact that it is an open source application which runs on multiple platforms and has a nice GUI interface makes it even more fun.

Email me at praveer <dot> pdra <at> gmail <dot> com.

Audio Diff project

I plan to work on the Audio Diff project, more specifically on the wave-wave diff algorithm. The advantages of this project are numerous, one potential use of audio diff is that a mechanism to progressively store differential backups of music recordings would become much easier and compact. The only drawback, on which I am currently working on, is that the time complexity finding the diff is in terms of O(axb) where a and b are lengths of two sequences in the audio file as mentioned here in the Wikipedia[1] page about LCS.

James Crook suggests in the Method section of Audio_Diff_Notes that if it is possible to compare a small fragment of the order 100ms then it is possible to compare the audio fragments of any length.

I am looking forward to any new innovative ideas on the Audio Diff algorithm.