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  • Gale: Thanks for your navigation idea. I'm a bit unsure about it as it stands. I think it definitely distracts the eye far too much from the Intro panel which is the primary thing we want the reader to see when they hit the page. I don't think we can have this and "Related Articles" as well. Also this is only going to be suitable for a category or sub section of it that has some logical order between its pages. At the moment I'm not sure Recording Tips does, though it could do if a lot of work (especially work that was started on it and never finished) was done.

    So I think it's potentially a good idea but far too "in your face" at present. Could it go under the Intro panel to replace "Related articles", and have a much more "laid back" appearance? Maybe it doesn't even need background colouring?

    And when we've decided, would you have time to write up on their pages how to use them and what they do, as we do for other templates?

    • Gale 16 Sep 10: Unless you have a logical idea to include more pages in the navigation and make a better flow, the above will probably get deleted sooner or later. It does not work for me, partly because there isn't any obvious flow on the Recording Tips page either. Thanks for the idea though.

      As for changing your username, this isn't practical without the Renameuser extension. I suggest you either create a new account for Arlen22 (the content of Arlen can't be merged into it, though);' or sign yourself as Arlen22 using four tildes (~~~~ ) by setting your signature as Arlen22 in your preferences top of the page.