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Q: I see that you moved my feature request for cursor jumping from Feature Requests to Completed Features. Is the new cursor jumping functionality only available during playback? I tested it out in Audacity beta 1.3.3, and it's better than it was before, but the cursor jumping that I use in Sound Forge is available when the application is NOT in playback mode. Are there any plans to implement this functionality?

A: Yes if you look at the Already in CVS HEAD section of Feature Requests, you will see:

" A new shortcut for short and long seek while paused will be in the next Beta 1.3.4 and next Stable 1.4.0 version."

I will have to clarify that as the shortcuts work when stopped, not when paused (few shortcuts work when paused as the tracks must be stopped). The shortcuts are:

"CursorShortJumpLeft" key=","
"CursorShortJumpRight" key="."
"CursorLongJumpLeft" key="Shift+,"
"CursorLongJumpRight" key="Shift+."

As you can also see there are new hotkeys for "Stop and Select" and "Play/Stop and Select" which means that you can mimic pause when you stop the track by restarting from the point the track stopped, not from where it started (which will otherwise happen if you simply press spacebar).


Super. Thanks for your help Gale. Checkit 10:12, 31 October 2007 (PDT)