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Talk talk...It's only Talk

--'Berge 08:17, 29 November 2007 (PST)

Hi DeeBee

We do need to consolidate/merge our Wiki pages on recording which often duplicate each other. Recording Tips should be the "master" page which has links to all relevant articles about recording, and General Recording Tips should be deleted, its "Hardware" section merged into Hardware influence on recording quality, its "Recording Quality" section merged elsewhere, and its "Recording Length" section made a page on its own (in fact, I'll make this section to be its own page right now..)

We already have a page on Recording levels and whatever you are going to say about "Audio Fundamentals: Setting and Optimizing Levels" should go there or be linked to on there if it needs to be very substantial.

We do need a dedicated page on microphone techniques linked to from Recording Tips and your content would be useful though I suspect there may be similar content scattered elsewhere on the Wiki that wants merging into it. I have got some information on this myself that was used for replying to -help list enquirers but have not got round to putting it up/merging it with other content.

Are you the DeeBee registered as an editor of our Beta Manual? 

If so, any help you can give there in plugging gaps in it would be helpful too. We need to make a push to get the Manual completed.



Ahoy Gale

yep...I'm the same DeeBee as deebee, but I couldn't recover logins to that original username adn my email addy wasn't beign recognized, so I just created it again under a new registration.

I'l be looking to consolidate as much as possible under Recording Tips, thanks for good suggestions. I'll also see about pitching in on the Manual as well...Happy to contribute in any way possible ;-)

Talk Soon --'Berge 20:42, 6 December 2007 (PST)

Hi DeeBee

Thanks for starting your contributions. I would like on Recording Tips to focus the "necessities for a good recording to computer" on topics that will apply to any type of recording, not just microphones. This is so anyone doing recording (including the legions of people apparently using Audacity to digitise LPs and tapes) can focus at first on a small number of articles that are going to be directly relevant to them. I am not quite sure about the "audio fundamentals" designation at the minute and where that fits into "necessities" but if your series is going to be principally about microphone recording perhaps they can have their own group together on Recording Tips?

Similarly for your upcoming piece on setting and optimising levels, we must keep Recording levels completely generalised (and not too long) as we will link to it from a new "Welcome Screen" in Audacity 1.4.0 aimed at relative novices. So it might be that your page will be advanced level setting tips or tips specific to microphone recording, in which case it may be best separated from Recording levels but linked to on it.

Does this all sound OK to you?




I started with 'mics' since there's alot more practical and environmental info to cover with the microphone (acoustic) sources that go into podcasts production, than the much simpler line level sources. However I can appreciate that the wide userbase for LP/tape conversions could be better served with info on such 'line level' applications as well, and I'll certainly keep this in mind as I wrapup the introductory/fundamental 'acoustic' stuff, and move on to other applications.

Thansk for pointing out the forthcoming "Welcome Screen" link, and I agree that Recording levels should be kept clean and simple. As such, I'll approach the fine points of gain structure, and optimized levels (etc) in another "Fundamentals" installment which will likely merit a seperate grouping under Recording Tips once/if there's enough content to merit it.

General Recording Tips

Thanks DeeBee. I did rollback the Managing Computer Resources and Drivers page as I honestly don't think the remaining bits from "General Recording Tips" belong there. I'll slot them in someplace (maybe after your current changes have settled down). Do please keep the "necessities" section at the top of Recording Tips to a few articles relevant to all recording sources. Currently everything is listed under "necessities" and it looks confusing.