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  • I'll be more than happy when you support encoding for OGG Vorbis audio files "less" than (-q0). Example: (-q-1), (-q-2), (-q-3)...
Doing so will enable OGG Vorbis to compete with other audio formats which enable highly compressed audio files, such as WMA & AAC+. Sometimes we need highly compressed files to save space or to stream/download faster.
  • In my opinion, for good quality encoding, the most efficient OGG Vorbis quality settings are:
In Stereo: (-q2), (-q3), (-q5), (-q6), (-q7), (-q8), (-q10)
In Mono: (-q1), (-q2), (-q3)         --Dudi 00:38, 8 February 2010 (CST)
Gale: Hi. Please make Feature Requests here. Audacity already supports -q0 to -q10 with a default of -q5. Less than (-q-1) is unsupported by OGG developers except in aoTuV beta 3. I think you could vote for less than (-q0) when it was supported in stable encoder. Are you also asking to automatically use a lower quality for mono, as some people want us to do for MP3?

Saying almost all the q settings are efficient for stereo doesn't seem very intuitive. Do you have evidence that -q (0), (1), (4) and (9) are inefficient that we could reliably cite? Thanks.