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Q: Windows XP mixer issue - help or discussion needed: in my audacity the only way to record (internal souncard onboard) is to select the mixer-output a s the sound source. but inthat case i can here AND record the input, but it will be mixed alltogether with all currently played-back-sounds on the new track. how can i "listen" to the playback (recorded tracks) and record the input only?

Gale 22Oct09: Are you intending to listen to the pre-existing Audacity tracks when recording? If not, go to the Audio I/O tab of Audacity Preferences (Recording tab in 1.3.9) and turn off "Play other tracks while recording new one".

If you actually want to record from microphone or line-in but don't have that option in Audacity, use the system mixer to display and enable the input you want. Then you will only record the actual input and can hear other tracks in Audacity without recording them.

If you cannot find the required inputs in the system mixer, make sure your computer sound device has up-to-date drivers specifically intended for your particular computer model and operating system, as provided by the motherboard or sound device manufacturer.

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