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Hi again Wyonghao:

You said:

"I want to create some (educational) texts to explain the algorithms of some Audacity effects. Both for myself study audacity code and for some entry level users want to work with practical DSP. So more people will have potential to contribute Audacity in the future. When I finish something, I will put it into HowAudacityWorks. I plan to create something with audacity source code, z-transform functions and Matlab/Scilab plot of those filters as well. So if that can be done, it may be better linked from HowAudacityWorks to separate pages."

Thanks for wanting to contribute to HowAudacityWorks and work with our source code.

Would you like to subscribe to our developers' mailing list by visiting this page ? Then you can keep up-to-date with the Audacity development effort and speak with the developers directly.

Thank Gale, I have subscribed developer mailing list. If I have difficulties to understand some code I will email to it.:)

"if you can add syntax highlight function in this wiki site, that will be great. something like:  "

Thanks for the suggestion. We are looking into installing this extension.