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We Need Your Audacity

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Do you have new ideas for Audacity? The picture above shows Audacity analysing sounds from a digital stethoscope. It's one example of how Audacity can be adapted to new uses. Audacity has been used for sequencing firework displays, for temperature and voltage monitoring and to teach school children about earthquakes.

Whether you're a Mac, Linux or Windows programmer, if you've got new ideas and the energy to make them happen in Audacity, we'd love to hear from you. We have a modular plug-in architecture for Audacity in development, but it's at a very early stage. We want to take it a lot further. At the same time we need to ensure the core of the sound editing software is as good as we can make it for the hundreds of thousands of users throughout the world who appreciate Audacity. Help us build on this foundation.

Join our developers' mailing list  and help us improve one of the flagship applications of the Open Source world. We need your Audacity.

Audacity Needs You!


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