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A ToDo list for items that need fixing on the Audacity Website.
  • Done.png remove references to "Tutorials" in the Wiki
    • all key ones are now transferred to the manual
Peter 17Dec18: I strongly favour b) - I just don't see the point of this page.

to these now moribund lists.

  • Done.png Nightlies and testing
    • this page as a section at the bottom titled "Help us test our latest versions". In that section it talks about "nightlies" and testing thereof. Since we no longer have "nightlies" and seem to have no intention of, or plan for, producing them again in the future.
Peter 17Dec18: And the same goes for the P1 on this Wiki page that is linked to from there:

  • Done.png Legacy documentation page dead links
Peter 17Dec18: I strongly favor the latter - I see no point in continuing to promote 1.2.x on the Website.