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What this page is for:
  • The list is for finalizing text and processing typos that appear in the Audacity interface with the code as it is now.
  • This is a companion to Bugzilla for source code bugs.

What this page can contain:

This page should contain agreed wording changes that should be applied in time for the next release (including translation). Some of the changes on this page are actually not agreed changes, and
(a) haven't been applied to the source code and
(b) are now marked to show that they are not agreed.

In the period between translation freeze and release it may also be useful to store agreed "cosmetic" wording changes here that are not worth breaking translations for, but which should be dealt with after release. Such changes should be stored inside their own heading at the top of the page.

Peter 19Apr16: future entries on this page should show the date they were added - then we can see how long they remain here uncompleted.

What does not belong here:

  • Other source code changes that may require changes in text in Audacity as a consequence
  • Changes to the GUI such as moving buttons or controls from one place to another
  • Changes to the bundled Manual - these are tracked in ednotes on the pages concerned.




Audacity Built-in effects, generators and analyzers

For when effects, generators and analyzers are grouped by type change:

  • Effect > Audacity to Effect > Built-in
  • Analyze > Audacity to Analyze > Built-in
  • Generate > Audacity to Generate > Built-in

Built-in is what we the Audacity app refers to them as in the Plug-in Manager dialog - see this page in the Manual.

Built-in is what we normally refer to them as in documentation e.g. this page in the Manual

Consider too, the Nyquist effects are also part of Audacity - part of the Audacity bundle that you get when you download and install Audacity.

Error messages, warnings and advice dialogs


  • Selection Toolbar: "Project Rate (Hz):" has a trailing colon which should be removed. This is a residual hangover from 2.2.0 and earlier, when James updated the Selection Toolbar for 2.2.0 the traing colons from other descriptors in this toolbar were removed. So we should remove this one for consistency.

Toolbar Widget Names

These names are not visible, but are read by screen readers. The consensus is that they should not have a colon at the end:

  • Project Rate (Hz): in SelectionBar::Populate()
  • Center Frequency: in SpectralSelectionBar::Populate()
  • Bandwidth: in SpectralSelectionBar::Populate()
  • Low Frequency: in SpectralSelectionBar::Populate()
  • High Frequency: in SpectralSelectionBar::Populate()


Horizontal Fit

  • In the Zoom section of the Edit Toolbar the hovertext tooltip for the rightmost button says "Fit project in window"
  • For consistency with its associated View > Tracksize > Fit to Width menu and shortcut Ctrl+F in Keyboard preferences it should be change to "Fit to Width"
    1. That would give consistency in the app
    2. "Fit project in window" is ambiguous because it could mean fit vertically as well as horizontal- and this is just a horizontal zoom.


Effects Prefs

  • "VAMP" should be replaced with "Vamp"
    • Chris Cannam (Vamp author) wrote: "... it's a word, Vamp, rather than an abbreviation, VAMP."
    • Probably applies to effects list when "Grouped by Type" (if you have Vamp effects - I don't, so can't test).

Status Bar

References to audacity.sourceforge.net

The following files in our codebase contain one or more references to audacity.sourceforge.net:

  • \lib-src\FileDialog\configure
  • \lib-src\libnyquist\README.txt
  • \lib-src\libsndfile\ChangeLog
  • \lib-src\portmixer\configure
  • \src\export\ExportFFmpegDialogs.cpp
  • \src\xml\audacityproject.dtd
  • \src\Project.cpp
  • \tests\ProjectCheckTests\missing_aliased_and_auf_files.aup
  • \tests\ProjectCheckTests\missing_blockfile.aup
  • \tests\ProjectCheckTests\orphaned_blockfiles.aup


  • More vertical zooming changed to Advanced vertical zooming in Tracks Behaviors preferences
  • Scrub to Seek in Ext-Menu.
  • Auto-select, if selection required
  • "Disk space remains for recording xxx hours and yy minutes" to "Disk space remaining for recording: xxx hours and yy minutes".
  • "Select > Region > "Ends to Zero Crossings" to Select > "At Zero Crossings".
  • "To use Draw, choose 'Waveform' in the Track Drop-down Menu" to "To use Draw, choose 'Waveform' or 'Waveform dB' in the Track Dropdown Menu.".
  • Actions done by Transcription Toolbar and its tooltip now have "Speed" capitalised.
  • No ellipses in title bar of file open/import dialogs.
  • Auto Recovery "Discard" dialogs say only recoverable projects are discarded.
  • Capitalised button in Dependency dialogue per MS guidelines.
  • Edit Metadata Tags dialog always titled as that, even when exporting.
  • Tracks Preferences: Changed "Select all audio in project, if none selected" to clearer "Select then act on entire project, if no region selected".
  • Changed "for this to use" to "to perform this action' in some "Disallowed" dialogs.
  • Locate LAME dialog: Capitalize LAME.
  • Error importing dialog: Mention FFmpeg and show actual menu path to Import Raw Data.
  • Recording Preferences playthrough text: "Listen while recording or monitoring new track (uncheck when recording "stereo mix")" changed to "Listen to input while recording or monitoring (uncheck when recording computer playback)".
  • Scrubbing tooltips finalized as "Click & move to Scrub. Click & drag to Seek."
  • Timer Recording capitalization fixes.
  • Timer Recording Disk Space Warning: "Recording time remaining on disc" to "Recording time remaining on disk"
  • Welcome message reworked for better and clearer layout and text
  • Sequence.cpp More friendly warning for overlong Block File "Truncating Overlong Block File" with text "Sequence has block file exceeding maximum %s samples per block. Truncating to this maximum length.".
  • About Dialog: OK... Audacious!" button changed to "OK".
  • "Leveller" name in interface changed to "Leveler".
  • RecordingPrefs.cpp: Add "Overdub" to read: "Overdub: Play other tracks while recording new one".
  • DirectoriesPrefs.cpp: reword audio cache preference to "Play and/or record using RAM (useful for slow drives, but could crash with long files or recordings)." Remove "AutoSave" choice.
  • TrackPanel.cpp: "Draw currently only works with linear-view waveforms" > "To use Draw, choose 'Waveform' in the Track Drop-down Menu"
  • Import / Export Preferences: Remove duplicated "When importing audio" from "Normalize all tracks in project"
  • Import.cpp: Add file type exclusions for MIDI, other notes-based formats, Musepack, Wavpack, AC3 and Speex.
  • Import.cpp: Remove exclusion of .mpa format as it's a valid MPEG-1 format.
  • Interface tab: Change to "Closing last window quits Audacity" (similar, slightly shorter wording to that in 1.3.3)
  • ExportPCM.cpp: Options dialog for "WAV, AIFF, and other uncompressed types" changed from "Specify PCM Options" to "Specify Uncompressed Options"
  • Generate Menu: change inconsistent wordings in Chirp, DTMF, Noise, Silence, Tone to "Duration:"
  • Project.cpp: change text when opening 1.x project to "This file was saved by Audacity (1.x.x), a much\nolder version. The format has changed.\nAudacity could corrupt the file in opening\nit, so you must back it up first.\n\nOpen this file now?"
  • Tracks menu > Resample: change to "New sample rate (Hz)"
  • Interface tab: change to "Display range minimum for 'waveform (dB)' view"
  • Autorecovery.cpp: change to "Confirm?" dialog header and text "Are you sure you don't want to recover any projects? They can't be recovered later."
  • Both "OK...Audacious" buttons to "OK".
  • Project.cpp: change to "This file was saved by Audacity (1.2.6). You can open\nthe file with this version of Audacity, but if you save it with this version\nyou will no longer be able to open it in older versions.\n\nOpen this file now?"
  • HelpText.cpp: remove duplicated links and make "[burnCD|burn to a CD]]" a bullet
  • Credit to Chris Cannam on the "Audacity" tab of "About Audacity" for Vamp.
  • Interface tab: remove preference "Present track number to accessibility aid"
  • MP3 Export Library Location, added under "when exporting tracks" Note: Export quality options for WAV, AIFF, MP3 and other formats can be chosen by clicking the Options button at time of export.
  • Audio to buffer: (higher = more latency)
  • Latency correction: (negative = backwards)
  • If you want to burn your work to an audio CD for standalone CD players, you must first in HelpText.cpp
  • a WAV, AIFF or MP3. If burning to an audio CD for standalone CD players, you must export as WAV or AIFF. in Helptext.cpp.
  • Enable dragging of left and right selection edges added the word 'enable'.
  • MP3 Export Setup to MP3 Export Library Location which is what it is.
  • When exporting tracks to an audio file added emphasis, 'to an audio file'.
  • When saving a project... wording for dependencies and order of options changed.
  • When importing uncompressed audio files into Audacity to When importing uncompressed audio files
  • File Formats tab name changed to Audio Files
  • HelpText.cpp many wording changes, including fix to |<< and >>|.
  • Normalize on Load changed to When importing audio, normalize all tracks.
  • Innertext:Recording written and text on monitoring added
  • Innertext:Export written and three typos corrected.
  • Innertext:Editing written and title changed to 'Editing and Greyed out Menus'.
  • Save Changes? Dialogue with empty Project: changed from "\n\nSaved project will be empty!!\n\nTo save the tracks you previously\nhad, click cancel, restore the tracks\nusing undo, and then save." to "\n\nSaved project will be empty!!\n\nTo save the tracks that were previously\nopen, click Cancel, Edit > Undo until all your\ntracks are open, then File > Save Project."
  • Interface tab, Show/Hide: "Show Welcome Message at program start up" , was 'Splash Screen'.
  • Find Clipping: "Start and stop must be greater than 0", was 'positive and greater than zero'.
  • Dependencies dialogue: The former "Close" and "Skip" buttons now both read "Do not copy any audio".
  • Export Multiple progress dialogue: "Exporting the entire project as a WAV/AIFF file" or (for MP3) "exporting the entire file..." now changed to "Exporting entire project" with (file name) in the dialogue title and (format) above the progress bar.
  • Latency Shift Dialogue: In "I have brought it back to start at zero", "I have" has been replaced with "Audacity has".
  • Preferences: Interface tab: "Tracks &fit vertically zoomed" changed to "Automatically &fit tracks vertically zoomed"
  • "Audacious!" buttons -> "OK... Audacious!"
  • GUIPrefs.CPP:

- "&Select all audio, if none selected, on applying effect"

+ "&Select all audio in project, if none selected"

- "&Circular track keyboard navigation"

+ "\"Move track focus\" &cycles repeatedly through tracks"

- "&Quit Audacity upon closing last window"

+ "Any Close/Exit command completely &quits Audacity"

  • Import.CPP:

- " is an encrypted audio file, typically from an online music store. \nAudacity cannot open this type of file due to the encryption.\nYou need to convert it to a supported, unencrypted audio format."

+ " is an encrypted audio file. These typically are from an online music store. \nAudacity cannot open this type of file due to the encryption. \nTry recording the file into Audacity, or burn it to audio CD then \nextract the CD track to a supported audio format such as WAV or AIFF."

- " is an audio CD file. \nAudacity does not open this type of file.\nTry ripping it to a native audio format that Audacity can import."

+ " is an audio CD track. \nAudacity cannot open audio CDs directly. \nExtract (rip) the CD tracks to an audio format that \nAudacity can import, such as WAV or AIFF.");

Add "WAV or AIFF" references to Real, AAC and WMA:

- " is a RealPlayer media file. \nAudacity cannot open this..."

+ " is a RealPlayer media file. \nAudacity cannot open this proprietary format. \nYou need to convert it to a supported audio format, such as WAV or AIFF."

- " is an Advanced Audio Coding file. \nAudacity cannot open this..."

+ " is an Advanced Audio Coding file. \nAudacity cannot open this type of file. \nYou need to convert it to a supported audio format, such as WAV or AIFF."

- " is a Windows Media Audio file. \nAudacity cannot open this..."

+ " is a Windows Media Audio file. \nAudacity cannot open this type of file due to patent restrictions. \nYou need to convert it to a supported audio format, such as WAV or AIFF."

  • Default temporary directory: changed from "/tmp/audacity1.2-%USERNAME" to AUDACITY_VERSION, AUDACITY_RELEASE string
  • Bug #437 Audacity failed to write to a file in <volume>. made more informative and helpful by adding Perhaps <volume\file> is not writable or the disk is full.